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This version is depricated!

I'm working on version 2 of this plugin which will be a complete re-write of the code base. I've learned a lot since I've started the meoReader, especially due to the great and inspiring feedback I've got so far. Thanks guys for that!

The new version will be more robust, more flexible and will have some more of the requested features. But until it's being officially released, feel free to download this -depricated- version for free! I'm still open to feedback but I won't do more than security patches on this one.

The meoReader is an RSS feed reader plugin for WordPress.

Nowadays, almost every website offers the option to "subscribe" either to the whole site or to specific topics.

In this scenario "subscribing" means that there is a so called RSS feed that can be used by feed reader applications just like the meoReader to show articles, podcasts, or whatever you subscribe to.

The big advantage of RSS feeds is that you can subscribe to multiple websites and then only need to check your feed reader application to read all the latest articles (again, or podcasts, etc). You don't have to check every website one by one, maybe not even remembering which articles you have already read.

The meoReader can boost your productivity big times. It can be your personal information headquarters where you can read the latest news or articles, immediately share interesting ones via Twitter or Facebook, or even generate WordPress blog posts from them by just clicking a single button!

Basically, there are three types of feed readers:

  1. Native applications you have to locally install on your computer or mobile phone.
    Pro: Native apps can be pretty fast and have the familiar look-and-feel of your system's environment.
    Contra: No synchronization when you switch devices.
  2. Third-party web services that may or may not be free.
    Pro: Synchronization + you don't have to worry about maintaining an application + those services are usually running on pretty powerful servers.
    Contra: There is no guarantee that the service you're using will still be there in the future - even Google closed its Reader service July/2013. It can also cost quite some money if you're paying a monthly fee. And as the saying goes: If the service is for free, YOU are the product - which at least is not what I want!
  3. You can also setup your own, self-hosted web service.
    Pro: Synchronization + you are the master of your data and usually you only have to pay once (when you buy the application) without any further costs.
    Contra: You need your own server space and the performance will depend on that server's capabilities.
  4. The meoReader belongs to category 3, the self-hosted web services. Sure, installing custom software on a server can be a real pain if you're not savvy in this field. But the beauty of the meoReader is that it's build to be a WordPress plugin. So it could not be easier to install the plugin/application if you're already running a WordPress site!

    For a hands-on guided tour through the meoReader plugin check out this little video:

    video cover image
    YouTube Video

    All the topics that were approach in this walkthrough video can also be found in the documentation. And if you have any further questions, bug reports or feature requests feel free to post them in the support forum.