meoReader Release Notes 1.2.0

With this update the database scheme has been altered. This means that after updating you have to deactivate and then activate the plugin again!

Also, some new approaches to sanitize the feed's content has been implemented and restructured.


Page Title and Meta Description

The page title and the meta description are the only meta tags that are still being taken into account by search engines. Not that they have influence of the ranking in search results but they they will those texts might be displayed!

Those two little snippets should be well crafted so a) they stand out and b) users will actually click through to your web site...


meoReader Release Notes 1.1.0

The latest update for the meoReader Feed Reader plugin for WordPress - Version 1.1.0

Keyboard shortcuts have been added to increase your productivity. The window/tab title now shows the number of unread items first and also, while refreshing the feeds, the loading state is being indicated there.


CDN - Content Delivery Networks

There has been a lot of buzz around CDNs in the last few years. With the rise of could technology they make delivering media files to your users faster than your webserver could ever be.

The principles behind a CDN are simple, yet highly effective for many reasons. But when does it make sense for you to sign up for a CDN?


meoReader Changelog 1.0.0

The meoReader plugin has been updated to version 1.0.0. And with it some new features have been implemented.

This is a more detailed changelog report that also includes screenshots for those new features as well as descriptions of how they work and why they have been implemented.


Page Load Time Explained, Pt 1

Slow loading websites loose visitors while a fast page can increase coversation rates. That alone makes it worth thinking about what slows down a page and how to optimize your current site.

In this first post I'll give you a brief overview and introduction about this topic, which tools we're going to use and what the basic principle of page loading is.


Localization vs Translation

When your business or web site in general is targeting more than one market or country you have to make a decision: Implement localization and maybe aim for completely different cultures or just translate your existing content into other languages. Both approaches have different goals and yet don't exclude one another.

But how exactly can an implementation look like and how does it effect your SEO strategy?