meoReader Release Notes 1.1.4

New Buttons on the Subscriptions Page

Two new buttons have been added to the top right on the subscriptions page.

Two additional delete buttons for the meoReader Subscriptions page

"Delete All Feeds" will delete all the feeds and all their entries.

"Delete All Categories" will delete all categories but the "Unsorted" category and move all feeds to that very same "Unsorted" category. Feeds will not be deleted with that action!

Content Detection

There are many ways RSS feeds can store content. The plugin checks one way after another until it finds "something". This order has been changed because in some cases this lead to the "description" (short) had been shown instead of the "content" (typically longer).

CSS Tweaking

Some CSS has been tweaked, e.g. column width on the reader page for Internet Explorer adjusted. Also images sometimes seemed to flow out of the actual content box, ...stuff like that.

Internal Debugging

Starting to implement "landmarks" into the code that can help tracing errors, respectively where and when a certain kind of error has occurred.