meoReader Release Notes 1.1.1

Keyboard Shortcuts

Two more keyboard shortcuts for the Reader page have been added.

Key Action
u Refresh/Update feeds.
ESCAPE Abort refresh/update process.

User Privileges

The way user priviliges are handled has been changed completely. The old way (adding custom capabilities) was potentially causing the menu to not show up at all - even when the user has the proper rights.

This has been fixed by now using only using WordPress' own system and no more custom user caps.

The main reason the custom solution was used in the first place was because of the single user that (potentially) is allowed to read on the Reader page and the Archive. WordPress doesn't offer a simple way to allow one specific user certain, custom rights. You can save new privileges directly to the user database. But this requires keeping track in case the caps should be removed or a different user should be the single user. Instead of implementing a bunch of routines that keep track of all this, the meoReader menu is simply being removed when the currently logged-in user is not an administrator or the single user specified in the plugin settings.