meoReader Release Notes 1.1.0

Keyboard Shortcuts

The Reader page now supports a bunch of keyboard shortcuts as an alternative way to navigate or operate.

Key Action
Select and open the next entry.
NUM PAD [-] Select and open the previous entry.
I actually wanted to use BACKSPACE for this but that key is already being used to go back one step in your browser history.
j Select the next entry.
k Select the previous entry
o Open/Close entry (expand/collapse) the content of the current entry.
r Toggle unread/read state of the current entry.
R Mark all items as read.
a Move the current entry to the archive or from the archive back to the Reader.
t Either only show TODAY's entries or all entries of ALL TIME.

Unread Entries

Since the last update the number of unread entries was also shown in the window or tab title. The first change here is that the order has been changed. Now, the unread items will be shown before the meoReader title. Old: "meoReader (12|21)" New: "(12|21) meoReader".

Also, the title now changes to "(-|-) meoReader" while refreshing or updating the feeds on the Reader page!

This way you can a) see the number of unread entries even when you multiple windows or tabs are open and b) click the "Refresh" button and move on to another window or tab and still see some kind of loading status (or better, state), respectively see when it's finished.

Feed Checker Links

When you refresh your feeds on the Reader page and one or more feeds could not be loaded/refreshed a list of those feeds will be shown. Now the feed names will be followed by a "Check" link that will lead you to the feed checker tool that's already implemented on the Subscriptions page. This tool will show you how the meoReader plugin fetches a feed and what data it can detect or if something's broken, etc.

cURL Call Optimized

cURL is the preferred way to fetch the RSS feeds from remote servers and it's usually enabled in modern PHP hosting environments. The meoReader offers a fallback if cURL is not installed/enabled but if it is, a little optimization has been made here.

The "follow redirect" has been extended. So in case a RSS feed URL is being redirected on the targeted server, e.g. via HTTP status code 301 (moved permanently) or 302 (moved temporarily), the meoReader is giving the server a bit more time to perform that redirect before an error is produced and the next feed is being loaded instead.

Prev/Next Navigation Fixed

In some cases the prev/next navigation at the bottom of the Reader page was still showing up even when there were no more pages! This was mainly the case when the current time range view was "today". This should be fixed by now.