meoReader Changelog 1.0.4

This update contains more "behind the scene" work than visible new features.


Deleting a feed will now delete its favicon too. Even if those images are pretty small and don't take up much space it makes more sense, I guess. Before, those files would only be deleted when the whole plugin would be uninstalled. Of course, this cleanup process is still in place so when you the plugin gone, it really is gone.

Feed Updates

When you hit the "refresh" button on the Reader page a quick check is being performed. Only when a feed has actually been modified it will be loaded again and the new entries will be added to the database. Yes, this little check produces an in my mind reasonable overhead when a feed has been modified. In this case two calls per feed would take place. But in case a feed has not been updated since the last refresh this will speed up your overall update process and save the feed provider some unnecessary traffic.

At the moment this check will only be performed if you have the cURL extension installed in your PHP environment. If you don't have that enabled the feeds will be loaded each time, just the way it was, no matter if there are new entries or not.

A hint for feed providers: Make sure your server is always sending the "last modified" information not only for feeds of course but also for normal HTML pages. And it's also a good idea to cache RSS feeds instead of always generating them on-the-fly. Good caching plugins should allow you to do that. And with having a static RSS feed file your server will take care of sending meta data like the "last modified" information.

Unread Entries

Okay, one little visible feature has been added. Now, the numbers of unread items will not only be shown in the Reader's top bar but also in the web page's title in the browser. The title now says something like "meoReader (2/4)" or "meoReader (0/0)", etc. The first number refers to the unread items of the currently selected category and the second number to the overall number of unread items.

I thought this might be useful in case you hit the refresh button and want go on browsing in another browser window or tab while the feeds are being updated. This way you will see the number of new items without having to change to the meoReader window or tab again.


As requested the settings page has been moved from the /Settings/ menu into the meoReader menu tab (/meoReader/Settings/).

Secure HTML Output

There is a new setting called "Secure HTML output against certain XSS attack vectors". If checked, output like tiles and contents of each entry will be checked and certain potentially unsecure code will be removed. This will now be handled by the HTMLPurifier library.

Needles to say that this a security feature that makes sense but also takes it's time, especially when you have lots of entries per page. And in some cases content will be stripped out that should have stayed in - but that's pretty rare.

Basically it's the old dilemma: Security vs Performance. I understand how annoying a constantly slow page can be which is why this feature won't be forced upon you but can be turned off (at your own risk).